Babette Labeij - Founder and CEO

Babette Labeij is the founder and CEO of Superba Music, along with her husband Dimitri Veltkamp. Labeij has an abundance of experience; while she is the current successful business owner of the Babette Labeij Music Academy, she launched her career by becoming a prosperous vocal coach, working on programs such as X-Factor, Idols, Popstar, The voice of Holland, The Voice Kids, and La Voz Kids. Her unique hands-on method is partially thanks to the fact that she was also a singer and a songwriter before she embarked on the career as a vocal coach. Because of her experience in both the Netherlands and in the United States, Babette is able to utilize the global network that she has created. With her personal and passionate approach, she can creatively lead artists to an authentic career under Superba Music. In fact, Babette Labeij uses her vision for more than just coaching upcoming artists; she also produces and writes music with her team for commercials, television, and corporate events.

Dimitri Veltkamp - Co-Founder and Creative Director

Dimitri Veltkamp is the co-founder and creative director at Superba Music, as well as a producer and composer. Veltkamp initiated his career in the music industry as a bass player, touring globally with famous musicians such as Candy Dulfer, Lois Lane, The Scene, and Ronald Abrams. He then further developed his career as a musician by also composing music. Dimitri composed for many organizations and projects such as Kinderen voor Kinderen, the Junior Songfestival, Make a Wish Foundation, Iglo, as well as KLM airlines and NIVEA under Superba Music. Dimitri Veltkamp specializes in creating pop music and cinematic composition. What truly adds to his role in the Superba team is that he is able to share his tremendous experience and expertise as a musician with younger talents by assisting them in both producing and writing.

Robin van Veen - A&R Manager and Producer/Songwriter

Robin van Veen is the A&R manager, producer and songwriter at Superba Music. Van Veen has experience as a vocal coach at The voice of Holland and at the Babette Labeij Music Academy, giving him involvement with young, old, amateur, and professional talent. His experience as both a vocal coach and a producer makes him the perfect person for Superba’s role as an A&R manager. In addition, Robin produces and composes music alongside Dimitri Veltkamp for Superba clients such as KLM airlines, NIVEA, and the Junior Songfestival contestants. Robin van Veen’s tireless creative energy makes him an essential component of the Superba Music team.

Superba Music is a global record label striving to develop unique artists and music from its branches in Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

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